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Cascade Hydroseed has specialized in hydroseeding for over ten years, it has been our pleasure to serve the Vancouver/Portland and surrounding areas: Battle Ground, Brush Prairie, Ridgefield, Camas, Gresham, Hockinson to name a few. We offer a cost-effective rate of 15 cents a square foot for standard grass seed (rye, fescue), prices may vary for specific or ornamental grass seeds.

Hydroseeding is the process of combining grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, tackifier, and water into a slurry that can be sprayed easily around flower beds and walkways to create a beautiful lawn.  This mixture is the perfect environment for seed germination in 7-14 days.  This slurry mix is resistant to wind and rain perfect for the northwest.

Read below to understand the benefits of hydroseeding vs. SOD.

Hydroseeding vs. SOD

The first question you need to ask is what will your budget allow?

  • Sod is normally more expensive to buy and install. Sod can be installed by the homeowner or you can hire a contractor.
  • Hydroseed comes in second. Hydroseed needs to be done by a contractor who has the special truck with the mixture to spray on your prepared areas.
  • Grass Seed is the cheapest to buy and install.  Grass seed can be installed by the homeowner to keep the costs down.

The second question is when will you be installing the yard?

  • Grass seed needs to be installed in the Fall (#1 choice), Spring (#2), or Summer months (#3). Make sure you have a watering source like a sprinkler system and maybe a few scarecrow birds to keep the birds from eating your seed.
  • In our area, hydroseed has a warranty window of installation from March to October.  That is the best time to install so you can take advantage of the warranty if the seed doesn’t take. Also hydroseed needs to have a regular watering schedule preferably an irrigation system that can water more frequently especially when you are at work or not at home.
  • Sod can be installed year round but also needs to be watered frequently, especially in the summer months, to avoid shrinking at the seams.

The third question is how fast do you want to have green grass to play on?

  • Grass Seed will take several months to see a full yard of green grass and you will need to be very patient as you watch it grow.  You will need to take great care by making sure it is watered properly as well as overseeding areas where the wind or birds may have displaced your seeds.
  • Hydroseed will take less time then Grass Seed because it has a blanket with a fertilizer mix that holds the seed in place.  But again, hydroseed needs a lot of water, but you should be able to mow the grass 4-6 weeks after seeding.
  • Sod is the quickest way to receive an instant lawn.  With proper watering and a glass of lemonade, you’ll be sitting on the porch looking at a plush green yard instantly.


Hydroseeding!  The application of hydroseed is a fast, easy and cost-effective alternative to traditional sod.  Hydroseed is not only for grass seed.  You can add flowers, clover, or ornamental grass to create any landscape you desire.  There are hundreds of grass seeds available.  Hydroseed is also a cost-effective form of erosion control.  Wood fiber mulch comes in many forms from thick to thin and can be applied to stabilize hillsides.

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